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1. Good Evening Everybody
2. Mama Don’t Like
3. Hey Boy
4. Nighttime
5. Somebody Told Me
6. Don’t Talk Me To Death
7. Stranger’s Eyes
8. Life’s Like That
9. Slow Down Brother
10. Just For You (Mellow Wine)
11. Poczekalnia PKP

This is our second studio album. It’s more diversed than our first album “Blues Not Dead”. It’s a mixture of rhytm’n’blues, rock’n’roll, soul, jazz, rockabilly and of course low down blues which is our background. It was mixed and mastered by Jon Atkinson at Bigtone Records. Why is it called “Night Time”? Because We are like bats, night-time active creatures. We turn up at a club late in the evening. We unpack our gear. We play a gig. Later we talk, laugh and have a ball till wee hours. Always the same. Night-time. Daytime is just a preparation for another nigh-time activity. It has always been true for any real blues band and. It will never change!Blues Junkers

released January 1, 2019

“Night Time” is available on bandcamp: